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The Co Authors of Unlock Her Legs The Co Authors of Unlock Her Legs Scrambler eBook

Bobby Rio – Unlock Her Legs Author

Bobby Rio - Author of Unlock her Legs eBookBobby Rio, the Chief Editor and Founder of TSB Magazine which is a leading dating and Men’s lifestyle website. For the past six years, Bobby is an expert who has been teaching men from several parts of the world about the secrets of women, the inner game, how to attract women and how to flirt with women. He has been recognized as an expert in this field and has helped millions of people that are considered boring to change their life and have a lifetime relationship with the real women of their dreams.

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Rob Judge – Unlock Her Legs Author

Rob Judge - Author of Unlock her Legs eBookRob Judge is no more a Newcomer in this Dating Advice Industry since his unique arrival in 2009 with his Partner Zack Bauer who both created a niche for themselves and makes their own form of Dating Advice a one in a million that is recognized and apprised by millions of people. They made it on the New York Papers and their success rate spread around on the internet with huge wildfire. The duo was asked to be on the filming of an out of town picking women film in which all the footage was recorded all throughout the night. The Success of Rob Judge has helped him to shape more about his skills and abilities. Once of his first ever products is called The 4 Elements of the Game which is a refreshing book that meets the attention of every attractive women.

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